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Are you a publisher, an author, a blogger, a magazine editor or a website owner? We are here for you!

If you want your book, website, magazine or blog to be translated from English into Italiancontact us and get a free quotation.

We have 10 years’ experience in EN>IT translations and a wide range of specializations and passions: travel & tourism, politics & social sciences, literature & fiction, science & technology, biographies & memoirs, history, education & teaching, mystery & thriller, parenting & relationships, cinema & TV, theatre & performing arts, romance & chick-lit.

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We are two literary translators/writers/editors/proofreaders with a long career in the Italian publishing market. When translating a new text, we always work together and we double-check each phase of the project against mistakes, to guarantee a better result.

Among our customers are some important Italian and international publishers (UTET, Voland, 66thand2nd, Marsilio, Taschen) as well as international magazines such as Wired, Arab Media Report and Reset and the official publishing house for Lonely Planet guides in Italy, EDT.

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